M & eHealth unites leading Norwegian research communities and companies with international aspirations to solve society's needs for e-health solutions for person-centered, integrated and proactive home-based services for people with chronic illnesses and long-term needs.

People with long-term and complex healthcare needs report a re-active, professional-centered service focusing on one condition at a time. This does not only lead to human suffering, it is also very expensive. ICT infrastructure mirrors a dysfunctional and old-fashioned health service structure, and is therefore a key barrier to critical needed healthcare innovations. Radical and brave system-level re-design is required to change the services to provide person-centered, coordinated, team-based healthcare. The key to such transformation is ICT tools that enable the right resources at the right time in the right place with the right type of information and decision support. M & eHealth will develop projects that can help solve these societal challenges.


The goal of m & eHealth is to identify areas where project partners can collaborate on R & D challenges for effective interaction, distance follow-up and help-to-self help for people with chronic illnesses and long-term needs. In particular, we will prioritize areas of national importance and where research actors, together with Norwegian industry, will be able to establish or participate in competitive consortia against H2020 announcements or regional zone projects.