CoaST - Collaboration in Surgical Training: Videoconferencing as a Tool for Knowledge Sharing


A main part of the surgical training involves hands-on training where surgeons receiving education (mentees) are instructed by expert surgeons (mentors). Access to expert surgeons for education is a problem at many hospitals. Improving access to expert surgeons in surgical training can be accomplished by implementing videoconference (VC) as a tool for knowledge sharing to overcome geographical distance between mentors and mentees and to allow for organization and full concentration on training both locally and through geographical distance. At the University Hospital of North Norway (UNN) VC is implemented as a tool for mentoring, during surgical education.


This project (CoaST) will examine the organisation of today’s surgical training and the use of VC, as well as how knowledge is shared and constructed in order to complete the surgery procedure i.e., the organisation of training and practice, the team that participates, the knowledge shared, the knowledge needed and the use of resources to solve the problem.


The study is explorative, using video recorded observations of interaction supplemented by interviews.

Project manager


  • Helse Nord RHF


Patient pathways

Project period

2015 - 2018

Last updated

25 March 2019