eHealth in the Northernmost Regions of Europe

A preliminary project where the aim is to survey the starting point for a joint project commitment in telemedicine in the nurse -and care sector in the arctic, and establish the base for a common project collaboration.

The overall objective of the project is to evaluate, improve and develop eHealth services in the home care setting in the North Calotte region. The aim of the study is to find and define a common development topic in home care/ rehabilitation in the North Calotte region. The cross border cooperation on the eHealth sector will enliven the eHealth/IT industries and thereby also increases the functionality of the North Calotte region, develops the infrastructure and special know-how and strengthens the regional identity.

The final target group of the project are people who need care at home. The care teams (family, relatives, home care professionals, doctors) are the secondary target group.

Activities:  Setting up eHealth networks Common vision and understanding Research and development project

Results:  Healthcare development network (eHealth in home care/rehabilitation) in the North Calotte region - companies, educational and research institutions and public sector. A common vision and understanding on development of eHealth in home care/rehabilitation in the North Calotte North Calotte -wide research and development project plan on eHealth in home care/rehabilitation sector Exploitation plan of results of the r&d project for the companies, educational and research institutions and public sector.

Project partners

Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic, Finland, (coordinator) 
Rovaniemi Polytechnic, Finland 
Nasjonalt senter for telemedisin, Tromsø 
Centrum för Distansöverbyggande Hälso- och sjukvård, Luleå, Sweden

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15 December 2016