Elvira - Net based patient information system

Preconditions for connecting medical journal systems at hospitals, casualty departments, GP's offices and home care services. What are the potential benefits?

Project description

The Elvira project is an investigative/pilot project where we look at the pre-conditions and needs for, and the potential benefits from, the linking of journal systems between; the hospital, emergency service, primary health service & nursing, convalescence and after care. The background of the pilot project is an expressed desire and need for access to patient data & information, across the administrative levels and institutions that comprise health service.

The project focused on a number of professional areas such as law, the security of information and organisational questions etc in order to ascertain if a net-based journal is possible. The project commenced on June 13th 2000 and finalised in January 2001 with the issuing of a final report. The final report contained recommendations for a central project that will focus on the realisation of net-based journal solutions.

Project period

13 June 2000-31 January 2001.

Project manager

Johan Gustav Bellika, e-mail: email hidden; JavaScript is required, tel.: +47 957 48 049.

Project participant

Eli Larsen, e-mail: email hidden; JavaScript is required, tel.: +47 907 78 661. (No longer employed)

Project manager

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15 December 2016