Extent and potential for telemedical solutions for in Helse Vest

Telemedicine as an instrument to strengthen the local hospital function in Helse Fonna.

Project description

The purpose with the project is to strengthen the local hospitals' role as a safety base for the people in Helse Vest. The goal was to study how telemedicine can be an instrument to develop the local hospitals' role as a safety base for the people in Helse Vest.

This study have focused on suggestions for telemedical solutions to realize the local hospitals' role as a safety base in Helse Vest. Telemedical services' potential can't be released until the basic infrastructure conditions is in place.The users that will interact should be connected to Norsk Helsenett to be able to interact electronically. Furthermore should there exist a regional IP-based videoconference service, and the users should be able to send electronic messages between different electronic patient journals. The financing orders for the specialist health service and the primary health service should stimulate the desired telemedical activity. There is a need to store sound, images, and video in today’s electronic patient journals. There is also a need to exchange these types of documentation between the users in the health service. The project group have considered and ordered concrete telemedical solutions for Health Fonna HF.

These were ranked as following:

  1. The functionality on videoconferences

  2. Teledialysis

  3. Telestroke

  4. Skin light treatment

  5. Mammography screening and breast cancer surgery

  6. Heart murmur in children

  7. VK

  8. Remote visits to emergency medical interaction and observation beds.

  9. Rehabilitation/habilitation

  10. Palliative team

  11. Hematology

  12. Learning and master center

  13. LMS

  14. Hearing aid adjustment

  15. E-guard for exchanging patient information with the municipality health services

  16. Home

  17. Hemodialysis

The following people have participated in the project group: Project manager Line Linstad, Political scientist, NST advisor Ellen Rygh, Community medicine, NST Special consultant Heidi Jacobsen, Technologist, NST Director for patient service Arvid Grimstvedt, Helse Fonna HF Special consultant Elin Breivik, Economist, NST Advisor Lars Kr. Rye, social scientist and nurse, NST.


The project was financed through funds from revised national budget in 2005.

Other contact person

Undine Knarvik, e-mail:undine.knarvik@telemed.no, phone: 917 42 705

Project manager

Project participant

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15 December 2016