Review of effects

The NST work based on a basic assumption that implementation and use of telemedical services has positive effects on the economical, organizational and social conditions in the health service.

Project description

As centre of competence for telemedicine the NST encounter increasingly higher expectations to being able of documenting such effects, eventually being able to justify and explain why these do not take place. The expectations to documentation applies in relation to the centres own development -and implementation project, but also on projects from other national and international initiators.

There is some scientific knowledge about gains and effects tied to use of ICT and telemedical services and if assumptions for successful implementation of the technology. NST must have an overview of this knowledge and thus strengthen several sides of the competence centre function.

The project will gather and systematize knowledge about economical, organizational and social effects of using ICT and telemedical services, as well as assumptions and conditions for implementation and use of telemedical services; inhibiting and promotional factors. The results will be presented in three articles. 

The project was interrupted in June 2004, and will be continued with a new project manager in 2005. Therefore it has only been made data searches and no articles are currently written.

Project manager

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15 December 2016