RTF - Regional Telemedicine Forum

The forum is a european meeting ground for clinicians and decision makers in the health services. In the forum they can discuss effective methods for implementing telemedicine in clinical practice. The primary focus will be the chronic diseases COPD, diabetes and cardio-vascular disease.


Adapting to a new situation

This project establishes a Regional Telemedicine Forum to deliver innovation at regional level. Despite the benefits and technical maturity of the applications, the use of telemedicine services – the provision of healthcare services at a distance – is still limited in Europe. It is evident that actions have to be taken at regional level by developing policy recommendations addressing the main barriers that hinder the wider use of telemedicine. This contributes to ensuring that regional policies respond better to today’s economic and social challenges.

9 European regions work together

The partnership of 9 European regions aims to release the potential of wider implementation and deployment of telemedicine services at the regional level. Over the three years the partners will organise workshops, four study visits and virtual meetings to focus on telemedicine services related to three major chronic diseases: diabetes, smokers’ lung disease, and cardiovascular disease.

Results with effect

The project results in policy recommendations, developed on the basis of identification and analysis of barriers and facilitators at clinical, strategy, and market levels. This contributes to releasing the potential of wider implementation and deployment of telemedicine services at the regional level, and hereby to innovation within patient care and healthcare system efficiency as well as market development for regional SMEs.

Project partners

  • Region South-Denmark (project manager)
  • Estonian eHealth Foundation, Estonia
  • Regional Council of Auveregne, France
  • Veneto region, Italy
  • TicSalut, Poland
  • Catalonia, Spain
  • Norbotten county, Sweden
  • Scottish Centre for Telehealth, Scotland
  • University Hospital of Northern Norway


The project is funded jointly between the EU Interreg IVC programme and the project partners.

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15 December 2016