Drug prevention on the internet

Evaluation of the net edition to the drug prevention remedial programme "Unge og rus" ("Youth and drugs").

Project description

Focus would be on teachers and pupils experiences with the ICT based measures. The remedial programme is comprised of a pupil section and a parent section, while the evaluation is limited to apply to the pupil section where the net based solution is used. The purpose of the evaluation was to show how "Unge og rus" works as an ICT based concept. The assignment provider wish to receive feedback on the school’s actual use of the net edition in the implementation of the remedial programme, and the teachers' and pupils' practical experiences with using the net edition. The purpose was to gather insight into matters of significance with using the net based edition of "Unge og rus". The evaluation is a part of a continued development of the net edition, where the aim is to give teachers and pupils a meaningful and user friendly ICT based tool for their remedial programme.

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20 January 2020