KIM: Space, Power and Communication

The dynamics of convergent ICT in the Norwegian Health Care system.

The aim of the project is to produce a systematic and comparative analysis of the implementation and use of convergent ICT in the Norwegian health care system.

Project description

The project is an integrated research project focusing on different elements of the health care system, including general practice, elderly care, ante-natal provision, hospital based medical/surgical specialties and shared systems of communication and record-keeping. The project is underpinned by an understanding of technology as socially constructed, and uses Actor Network Theory (ANT) to explore the agency of particular technologies in health care.

The project aims to make an original contribution to these debates by combining this approach to technology with an understanding of the health care system as a complex spatialized field of communication in which relations of power and identity are enacted, reproduced and challenged in everyday practice.

Project partners

The dynamics of convergent ICT in the Norwegian Health Care system is a consortium between NST, NORUT social research ltd., University of Tromsø, and University of Southampton.

Aud Obstfelder, Telephone: +47 952 46 791 (No longer employed at NST).

Project manager

Last updated

15 December 2016