Jarl-Stian Olsen


Jarl-Stian Olsen is a Senior Adviser and webmaster/graphic designer, and has worked at the centre since 2002. Along with his work he's also been studying, and he finished his BA Graphic Design (Hons) from Arden University in England in 2022. He is currently studying an MA in Visual Communication Design at the same university. His previous educational background is within the fields of technical drawing, technical college and computer engineering. He started his career at Kulturnett Troms and Amaze Communications, and has well over 20 years of freelance experience in web development, graphic design and photography with customers like Northern Norway Regional Health Authority, Bukta Open Air Festival, International Week, Advanced Submarine Networks, Gun Metal Games etc.

Jarl-Stian is usually busy working with information design and visual communication. He has the technical responsibility for the center's main website ehealthresearch.no, as well as several other projects and subpages. He also works with Google Analytics, social media and Sharepoint. His key expertise is web development, web design, graphic design for print, photography, video editing and training / supervision of employees using the center's content management system Craft.