Automatic transfer of blood glucose data to health professionals

The Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine is participating in the project "Wireless Health and Care". The objective of the project is to develop solutions for and demonstrate applications of wireless data transmission and wireless networks in the public health service.

Project description

The application areas for the demonstrators in the project are primarily related to patient sensors and data capture, for example during surgery, post-operative monitoring, instrumentation and data transmission in the acute setting, and monitoring of the state of health.

The NST is participating in the work package which includes demonstrators, and has chosen to base its demonstrator on the project "Automated measurement of blood sugar". This demonstrator will transfer blood sugar data from people with diabetes to the public health service.

This type of solution offers at least two important potential benefits: emergency preparedness of the public health service for people who have particular difficulty in regulating their blood sugar, and a long-term potential where health professionals obtain a more accurate picture of patients' historical blood sugar data, and can thus provide better advice to the patient about medication, diet, physical activity and other important routines.

NST's part is to demonstrate transfer of sensordata into the public health service.

Project partners

The other participants are Abelia AS, Memscap AS, the Norwegian Computing Center, IBM Norway, Rikshospitalet University Hospital, the Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research at the Norwegian Institute of Technology (SINTEF) and Telenor FoU AS.


The project is partly funded by the Research Council of Norway as a "User-led Innovation Project", has a total budget of NOK 22.7 million and will continue up to and including the year 2005.

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28 August 2019