Project description

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) according to the WHO are leading causes of death and represent 30% of all global deaths and 48% of the deaths in Europe. Moreover, the current trends predict increase in deaths caused by CVD over the next years. Secondary preventive efforts can decrease mortality risk as well as increase health among CVD patients.

This study suggests an innovative approach in supporting the self-management of CVD patients after rehabilitation. The Randomized Controlled Trial that is implied has two arms and aims to investigate the effectiveness of tailoring an ICT-based intervention according to concepts derived from health psychological theories, and will contribute to develop these further. More specifically:

  1. To assess the needs of CVD rehabilitation patients that potentially can be met through the use of information- and communication technology (ICT).
  2. To assess the effects of a tailored Internet-based intervention on maintenance of self-management behaviours after a rehabilitation stay. Hypothesis: The intervention group (tailored) will have higher adherence a) to the Internet-based intervention, and b) to self-management.


Northern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Nord RHF).

Project partner

Skibotn Rehabilitering (LHL) and the University Hospital of North Norway (UNN).

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15 December 2016