Feasibility of a regional COPD service

A holistic approach to home management.


370,000 people are estimated to have COPD in Norway. COPD imposes a significant burden in terms of disability and impaired quality of life, in addition to generating high healthcare costs. Interventions that help preventing or limiting hospitalizations could substantially reduce the overall burden of this disease.

Purpose and objectives

The purpose is to study the feasibility of long-term tele-rehabilitation of COPD patients. This research project allows a physiotherapist to monitor and supervise home training of people affected by COPD. 10 participants are involved in a pilot trial for two years.

Project description

The research team provided participants with equipment for home training and health monitoring. The equipment consists of a treadmill, a pulse oximeter and an iPad with a videoconferece application. The physiotherapist supervises the participants during home training with weekly videoconferences. Videoconferences can also consist of training in peer group. The participants have access to an education/self-management website. The participants are asked to fill in the information daily and after each training session through the website. The information sent through the website is interpreted by the physiotherapist, who gives a close monitoring of the participants. Each participant has an individual training program consisting in interval training on the treadmil and strength training. In most cases, training is recommended three times a week. The training program can be adjusted according to the participant's conditions.

Project partners

Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine (NST).

Skibotn Rehabilitering (LHL Helse AS).

University Hospital of North Norway (UNN).


Northern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Nord RHF).

Scientific articles

Zanaboni P, Aarøen Lien L, Hjalmarsen A, Wootton R. Long-term telerehabilitation of COPD patients in their homes: interim results from a pilot study in Northern Norway. J Telemed Telecare 2013, 19(7):425-429.

Media articles

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6 September 2019