Overview study - evaluation methods in telemedicine literature (1990-2005)

The purpose with this study is to create an overview study on the literature in telemedicine and e-health. This study will create the basis for recommendations for future telemedical studies.


On request from the World Health Organization (WHO), the NST arranged an international workshop on evaluation methods for telemedicine in September 2003. An important task as collaborating centre for WHO is to offer a "toolkit" for evaluation of telemedicine. An overview study on evaluation methods in telemedicine was one of the conclusions from the workshop, to learn which "evaluation tool" will be the most appropriate for different circumstances. On spring 2004 the NST signed an agreement with Pamela Whitten, Michigan State University (Now Perdue University) and made a rough draft on the overview article.


The purpose with the study is to get an overview on the literature in telemedicine and e-health. The study will also contribute to increased understanding of using ICT in the development of the future health services.

Project description

The study will analyze the scientific production on the subject with focus on what methods and teoretical approach that is chosen. The target group is people that work with telemedicine, developers and researchers. The study is planned to be published in the British Journal of Medicine, first half of 2006.

The study has searched 15 scientific literature bases in different disciplines. Criteria for selection is that the articles are published in peer-reviewed timescript from January 1990 to May 2005.


The main project is financed by the TFU-programme for Helse Nord.

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29 January 2019