Services in the health network as a problem solver in x-ray services

Hybrids, mediating network and a new form of collective common-sense. The growth of teleradiological actor networks - rationality, changes in rationality, and significance for the challenges facing the service. Sociology doctoral project.

Project description

The PhD project explores the realization of teleradiological services in Northern Norway during the period from 1997 to 2001. The processes of shaping the services and their results are investigated and analysed from an actor-network perspective.

This is an approach where, for example, technologies, professional ideas, subjective interests, organizational and financial arrangements are considered as units that individually or in various interactions can influence how teleradiology is established as a service. The units will perform different comprehensions of rationality in their efforts to implement the services. It will therefore be difficult to predict what will take shape, and there will be uncertainty about which influences will be significant, when the aim is to solve specific challenges for the radiology service.

The thesis presents and analyses various manifestations of teleradiology, both process and result, in relation to the goals that were established.


The Research Council of Norway (ICT in medicine and health) and the NST.

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15 December 2016