Userforum 3.0

Continuous user participation through electronic networks in design and implementation of e-health services.

The Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine (NST) and the FFO Troms will in a three year collaborative project develop a user network that will ensure the patients' feedback in the design and prototyping of telemedical services. The intentions with the project is to specify and develop an electronic platform and a strategy for gathering feedback from the patients' review score of the user friendliness and use of specific electronic health services. We focus on remote simulation and virtual meetings in this context.

Userforum 3.0 will be supported by a dedicated content management system (CMS) designed to offer the functionality that is necessary for remote evaluation, testing and feedback during design and prototyping of electronic health services. Simulation data will be included in CMS to enable remote user testing.

The access to the system will be limited to authorized users only. A web user interface will be developed to support the remote simulation and evaluation.

For this project we will develop a strategy and a supporting electronic platform for a continuous user dialogue about design of e-health services. This will be done with the help of electronic communication with social media, video conference and e-mail. We will investigate which form on social media and platforms that is best suited for a dialogue with the users about the design process. The functionality of the communication platform will be specified with consideration to the determined requirements that will be put in design and prototyping different electronic health services.

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15 December 2016