Connected care - summary of knowledge


The Norwegian National Programme for Connected Care Technology needs a better overview of an ever-expanding market and therefore wishes a summary of knowledge / usefulness of connected care technology tests in Norway and abroad. There is no such overview of tests done outside the scope of the program. Better insights into possibilities will support knowledge-based and informed choices about which solutions we should try, further develop and recommend in the next round.

Determine what is being tested by connected care technology solutions and products in the countries included in the study. Including revealing effects using connected care technology and organizational framework for the trials.


1. Contribute to knowledge-based national priorities and guidelines in the connected care technology area by gaining an overview of the diversity of technological solutions and revealing good experiences from trials outside the framework of the Norwegian National Programme for Connected Care Technology.

  • Provide an overview of the connected care technology solutions that have been tested and the effect of these
  • Provide an overview of the organizational frameworks that connected care technology solutions have been tested in and the organizational and structural impacts of connected care technology solutions and products have provided.
  • Contribute with the basis for national recommendations in Norway.
  • Provide a knowledge base for future decisions and priorities for the Norwegian National Programme for Connected Care Technology.

2. Contribute knowledge so that the Norwegian National Programme for Connected Care Technologycan make an informed assessment of our national strategy, organization and approach to the introduction of connected care technology - Is the current approach optimal or should we make changes?

  • Increased understanding of own and other countries' approach to connected care technology.


  • Mapping of research and knowledge environments and ongoing projects.
  • Search databases with scientific publications.
  • Internet-based search and query in key research and knowledge environment to identify relevant projects.
  • Document analysis.
  • Part 2: Document analysis and possible interview with national key players in other countries to reveal approaches, strategies, etc.

Project manager

Undine Knarvik Undine Knarvik

Project partners


Ministry of Health and Care Services


Citizen services

Project period

2016 - 2017

Last updated

23 August 2018