From Pavia to Norway

We are happy to welcome PhD student Elisa Salvi (27) to the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research. She is spending six months at our centre, as part of her research.

Elisa Salvi, PhD student. Photo: Lene Lundberg
Elisa Salvi, PhD student. Photo: Lene Lundberg

Elisa Salvi is a biomedical engineer. For a while, she has left the University of Pavia in Italy, one of the oldest educational institutions in the world, to join our centre. 

– At University of Pavia, PhD students are encouraged to spend a period abroad. My adviser had previously been in contact with E-health Research in Norway, and she put me in touch with Professor Johan Gustav Bellika. So now he is my adviser, and I will stay here until September, she says.

Together with Bellika and the rest of the team, she will be doing research on the development of clinical decision support systems for doctors. She says it is important to give doctors better digital tools to find the best options for treating patients. Salvi is in her second year of the PhD program, and will finish her dissertation in three years.

– I am very pleased to be abroad, it is great to meet new researchers and get different angles on things. I don’t mind the late spring, she laughs.