Knowledge summary: E-consultations


The project will map effects of using e-consultations involving a doctor / primary doctor and emergency medical officer. Mapping will primarily include e-consultations between the doctor or medical officer and patients. The project will also look at e-consultations between primary and specialist health services, with or without patients present. Mapping includes sharing photos and documents before and after consultation, including prescription and booking appointments. In this context, the term e-consultations also includes consultations by video conferencing.

Documented experiences and effects of e-consultations can be financial and clinical. Mapping should also include user experiences. The project will investigate which diagnoses e-consultations are used for and if this varies with the type of service / technology.

In addition, we will examine which technical solutions are used in the countries included in the study and what functionality is available. We will also investigate whether there are plans and strategies for interoperability.


Map the effects of using e-consultations.


Search systematic reviews, reports and other documentation.