MasterMind is an EU project that will increase the availability of quality assured treatment for depression using internet-based therapy (iCBT) and video conferencing. The project includes implementation of internet-based cognitive therapy and the use of video conferencing. This applies to both the use of video conferencing in patient care and in the case of GPs.


Test and implement internet-based cognitive therapy (iCBT) and use of video conferencing in treatment and follow-up.


The experience from the project provides indications that it is appropriate to interact via video conferencing.

Patients provide feedback that the opportunity to get help at home is perceived as positive. Some say it's safer to be at home and that it's easier to address difficult topics in a safe setting. It seems that the patient's experience with both iCBT and video conferencing is more positive than their expectations for these offers before startup.

Video conferencing and online therapy can contribute to more location-independent services and lower threshold for interaction between the services.

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External project participants

  • Nils Kolstrup
  • Siv Hege Fagerheim
  • Inger Marie Holm
  • Geir Øyvind Stensland
  • Vemund Myrbakk
  • Jane Kjøterøe
  • Didrik Kilvær


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Project period

2014 - 2017

Last updated

1 April 2020