Meet future Alva - sharing health data across borders

Imagine a world where you and healthcare professionals can use and share your health data for your best, regardless of the country.

- Pepole with chronic diseases often use one or several apps to manage their disease. These apps gather data about the user and her health. We believe that people should be able to share their data with health personell, in Norway and in the Nordics, explains Professor Eirik Årsand at the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research.

Together with his colleagues, Professor Årsand researches ....

Future Alva

Together with our partners in the Nordic Interoperability Project, we have participated in a showcase at HIMSS Europe 2019 in Helsinki. Together, we demonstrate solutions and innovations from the Nordics.

The case is about future Alva. She is travelling between the Nordic countries. Since she has access to her health data, she can receive medicines and healthcare, wherever she is. You can read more about the case here: http://nordicinteroperability....