The invisible helpers

Norway's healthcare system would grind to a halt without relatives. They provide half of all help and assistance to the country's patients and users. As a healthcare worker or municipal employee, what can you do to safeguard this effort?

The invisible helpers
Anita Vatland talks about rights and support for relatives.

-Take care of the relatives

Relatives are on a journey they haven't booked. You can't give them too much information. Do you and your employer have a plan for the relatives? Don't think that someone should have done something. Take responsibility yourself, take action!

Presentation by Anita Vatland, CEO, Pårørendealliansen.

Carers exist at all stages of life and have a lot in common, regardless of who they are caring for. They can have many different roles that support patients in the course of treatment, with everything from coordination, practical assistance, as a caseworker, psychological support and performing medical tasks. Often, they don't take enough care of themselves and are not always seen or asked about their own needs.

The health service can and should do more here, because it is not sustainable to get two patients out of one diagnosis.

We now know more about how carers feel and what they want in their collaboration with services. It's useful for you to know what challenges exist, so that carers can play a role in both home care and the digital solutions of the future.


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