Hospital at home - a healthy idea

Away is good, but home is best. Oslo University Hospital offers hospital follow-up to patients in their own homes. The OUS Neuro Clinic shares their experiences in this webinar.

Hospital at home - a healthy idea
Elisabeth Dreier Sørvik and Lotte Sandberg Larsen tell about how Oslo University Hospital run digital remote care.

Don't give up!

Elisabeth Dreier Sørvik and Lotte Sandberg Larsen emphasise how important it is to get everyone on board when doing digital home follow-up.

'It can be difficult, but don't give up! Involve management, clinicians, municipal employees, the Directorate of Health, everyone! Management is particularly important for achieving results and progress,’ they emphasise.


You can download the podcast to your mobile on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Podbean. Search for ‘Norwegian Centre for E-health Research’.

More information

Oslo University Hospital (OUS) has set a goal for more patients to be offered more of their specialist treatment at home, either for part or all of the treatment process. Several clinics already have several services in place, while other initiatives are being planned or trialled. This is something the hospital is investing heavily in, and calls its project OUS Home.

The Neuro Clinic has made a good start with treatment at home for several of its patient groups. At the webinar, you will hear about the digital patient pathways that have been initiated in the clinic.

Presentation by special advisor Elisabeth Dreier Sørvik and consultant Lotte Sandberg Larsen at Oslo University Hospital.

Elisabeth Dreier Sørvik is a social scientist, special advisor to the Technology and Innovation Clinic and project manager for OUS's initiative on home hospitals and digital home follow-up - OUS Home.

Lotte Sandberg Larsen is a consultant for the Neuro Clinic Staff. Lotte is a trained nurse and works in the Neuro Clinic for the clinic's work with digital patient pathways, digitalisation and innovative projects.