Digital collaboration between municipalities and hospitals - How difficult can it be?

Better communication often appears on improvement proposals in healthcare. How can technology help?

Webinar: How difficult can it be?
Lars Eirik Hansen wants to achieve a good flow of data between municipalities and hospitals.
We are dependent on having good, digital collaboration solutions with all our municipalities. This is of great importance for our efficiency at the hospital.

Healthcare needs good IT systems in the future. But the future is now.

In collaboration with private organisations and a local municipality, Nordland Hospital is getting central IT systems to talk to each other in record time. Everything is based on national standards, allowing the nurse in the municipality and the doctor in the hospital to interact on shared patients. They don't even need to log on to a new IT system. The data becomes a natural part of familiar work processes.

How difficult can it be to achieve digital collaboration between municipalities and hospitals?

Senter manger Lars Eirik Hansen at Nordland Hospital believes the answer can be found in innovation, digital maturity, and detailed knowledge about IT ecosystems.

The project is a collaboration between Nordland Hospital, Vestvågøy municipality, Aidn and Dips.


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