You do not become an adult the day you turn 18

Young people shouldn't have to face an entirely new system with completely new therapists just because they've turned 18. Good preparation is one of the principles of the Youth Council at Nordland Hospital.

Here you can learn about the seven principles for the transition from child to adult in the health service.

You do not become an adult the day you turn 18
Youth council at Nordland Hospital.
If you drop out in your adolescence because you don't complete upper secondary school at the normal time, there are major repercussions for the rest of your life.

Ever since the Youth Council was set up in 2017, they have been working to ensure young people have a good transition to adulthood. The day young people turn 18, they suddenly can't have their parents with them to support them when they are hospitalised or travelling. They have to pay for medication and consultations themselves. They meet completely new therapists, and sometimes a new understanding of the disease.

A young person wants to be treated like an adult and take responsibility, but the transition can be tough. That's why the Youth Council has drawn up seven principles for good transitions from child- to adult-orientated healthcare services. The principles are relevant for healthcare professionals in both hospitals and municipalities.

Presentation by Danielle Johana Hansen, Youth council at Nordland Hospital.


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