Avoiding hospitalisation of frail elderly

Hospitalisation can be tough for the elderly, but sometimes it's absolutely necessary. How can we best utilise the hospital's expertise while allowing the patient to stay at home as much as possible? Collaboration in healthcare communities will be key.

Avoiding hospitalisation of frail elderly
Anders Grimsmo talks about alternatives to hospitalisation and diagnosis specific patient pathways.
‘Vulnerable’ elderly is a better term than ‘frail’. We talk about vulnerable children. Therefore, we should talk about vulnerable seniors.

For the frail elderly, hospitalisation can represent an additional burden with the risk of worsening functional impairment. The aim is therefore to reduce the risk of acute hospitalisations and readmissions. This is achieved through early identification of frailty, as well as prevention and functional improvement.

GPs are in the best position to identify incipient frailty at an early stage, but the follow-up requires a broader interdisciplinary municipal effort in collaboration with the specialist health service.

Presentation by Anders Grimsmo, Professor Emeritus at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Medical Advisor at the Norwegian Health Network.


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