Diabetes on social media: Health promotion intervention and behaviour analysis


This project promotes healthy lifestyles with diabetes through social media, and also monitors discussions and behaviours, in order to make systems and procedures for actively monitoring diabetes information on social media. The health-promotion intervention is based on users involvement, and it includes both, a panel of Norwegian diabetes experts (EXP), and social media users from Norwegian Diabetes Association with over 35.000 affiliates (NDA). The panel of experts is responsible for the contents for the health intervention (i.e.; type of information/resources; which websites will be used as references; etc.). NDA social media users will define the health intervention promotion according to their preferences (i.e., frequency; format of the information; preferred social media channels).The health promotion intervention will be carried out during 24 months. Additionally, analysis of patterns of user’s online discussions will be actively monitored for 30 months (3 months pre intervention, during the intervention, and 3 months post intervention).


The assessment of the health promotion intervention is based on the satisfaction from EXP and NDA. Analysis of the results derived from the users' involvement, health promotion intervention, and monitoring of online health information and health behaviour will be used to suggest systems and procedures for the Norwegian Diabetes Association and others stakeholders to improve usage of social media for health promotion.