Social digital contact


Through the National Welfare Technology Program, the Directorate of Health has commissioned the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research (NSE) to carry out the project "Social digital contact to counteract loneliness among the elderly."

The Directorate is funding five different training projects, run by NGOs. These NGOs are The Norwegian Pensioner’s Association, The Red Cross, The Norwegian Senior Citizens Association, SeniorSmart and the Norwegian Association for the Blind and Partially sighted. The NSE's mission is to establish the required knowledge through trailing research within these five projects.


Establish whether training in the use of technology (mobiles / tablets) can help to maintain and strengthen older people's ability to maintain their social network.

Project manager

Project participant


  • Norwegian Directorate for Health and Social Affairs


Citizen services

Project period

2016 - 2018

Last updated

20 January 2020