Lene Lundberg


Lene Lundberg is a senior adviser for communications and a project manager at the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research, where she began in 2017. She has a B.Sc. in Broadcast News from University of Colorado, Boulder, and a M.A. in Peace and Conflict Transformation from UiT The Arctic University of Norway. She has also studied history.

For seven years she worked as a journalist in tv, radio and print. Since 2007 she held operative and strategic communication positions in the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration and the ICT organization in North Norwegian Health Region.

Appointed as the centre's WHO Coordinator from April 2020.

Lene Lundberg

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Tel: +47 478 80 737

Title: Senior Adviser Communications

Department: Communication

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Lene's projects

Project title Year Theme Project management
Use of e-health in Norwegian primary health care during the Covid-19 pandemic 2021 - 2021 Citizen services
Lene Lundberg

Lene's publications in Cristin

Title Year Category
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Do you use apps or social media when you are sick? 2020 Interview
Helsepersonell bør bli mer aktive på sosiale medier 2020 Interview
Bruker du app eller sosiale medier når du er syk? 2020 Interview
Reading your electronic health record can put you in control 2020 Interview
Folk får bedre kontroll på helsa når de ser journalen sin 2020 Interview
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Pasientens legemiddelliste skal prøves ut fra 2020 2019 Interview
Online contact with the doctor’s office shortens the patient queue 2019 Interview
Electronic prescribing does not prevent medication errors 2019 Interview
E-resepter hindrer ikke feilmedisineringElectronic prescribing does not prevent medication errors 2019 Interview
Nettkontakt med legekontoret korter ned pasientkøen Online contact with the doctor’s office shortens the patient queue 2019 Interview
Doctors are not using summary care records as intended 2018 Interview
Leger bruker ikke kjernejournalen slik myndighetene hadde tenkt 2018 Interview
Flere kommuner bruker velferdsteknologi 2018 Interview
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Improving clinical decision support 2018 Website (informational material)
Studerer digital diabetes-selvhjelpEvaluating Diabetes Self-Help Tools 2018 Interview