E-basket digital medicine flow

You will hear about the experiences from Helse Vest. How do you succeed with digital medication flow and reconciliation?

E-basket digital medicine flow
The KULE project in the Western Norway Regional Health Authority will provide a comprehensive solution that improves quality and safety for patients.

Medication reconciliation in Helse Vest: How to succeed with digital medication flow and reconciliation across the summary care record, e-curve and e-prescription? Experiences, challenges and the way forward.

Presentation by hospital pharmacist Kristin Slettvåg, advisor in the introduction project for electronic basket and drug management in Helse Vest.

Kristin Slettvåg has extensive experience from counselling in hospitals and further education in clinical pharmacy from Robert Gordon University. Helse Vest has introduced the Meona electronic basket. When the patient is hospitalised, medicines can be retrieved electronically from the core journal. Solutions are being developed to improve the flow of medicines to e-prescription and the patient's medication list.