The patient's medication list in practice

Healthcare providers in Bergen have started testing the patient's medication list. Katinka Alme presented her experiences so far at a webinar on 21 January.

The patient's medication list in practice
Katinka Alme leads the working group for the Patient's Medication List (PLL) at Haraldsplass Deaconess Hospital in Bergen.

The patient's medication list (PLL) is a shared digital list of the patient's medicines in use. The aim is a list that can be viewed by all healthcare providers and by the patient themselves on helsenorge.no. PLL is being tested this autumn in Helse Vest. ‘Getting this right was surprisingly complicated, but so far it looks good,’ says the speaker. Katinka Alme presents experiences so far, shows how PLL works in practice in Helse Vest, and will talk about roles, responsibilities and potential pitfalls.

Presentation by Katinka Nordheim Alme, head of the working group for ‘The patient's medication list’ (PLL) at Haraldsplass Deaconess Hospital in Bergen.

The patient's medication list (PLL) is based on the current e-prescription system. The list is created on the basis of the patient's e-prescriptions. For medicines without a prescription, these can also be entered in the same way. Healthcare professionals can view the list in their e-prescription programme or on Kjernejournal. The Directorate of eHealth initiated the project, which is now being trialled at Eidsvåg Medical Centre, Haukeland University Hospital and Haraldsplass Deaconess Hospital, among others. In its final form, all doctors with access to e-prescription can update PLL.

Katinka Alme is a doctor in specialisation (LIS) at Haraldsplass Deaconal Hospital and a research fellow at the University of Bergen.


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