Where is my medication?

Unfortunately, one of the most common non-conformities mapped in the municipal sector is ‘drug not dispensed’. What other issues arise and how can we start to take action to make things better?

Webinar: Where is my medication?
Maren Werner and Heidi Slagsvold have mapped the challenges of medicines management in the municipal health service.
There is broad agreement in the local government sector that digitalisation and smart use of technology are key tools for improving patient safety, ensuring better collaboration, increasing capacity and further developing health and care services.

KS reports discrepancies such as inconsistent medication lists and disruptions during preparation. Many healthcare professionals will probably recognise themselves in the survey of medicine handling in Norwegian municipalities. The survey is an important step on the road to safer medication management, both in the primary and specialist health services.

Presentation by Heidi Slagsvold, special advisor at KS, and Maren Caroline Frogner Werner, manager at Deloitte.

During the webinar we looked closely at the report Digital legemiddelhåndtering i kommunal sektor. The report gathers experiences from a competence group, suppliers and stakeholders, as well as a literature review.


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