Care is changing - new rolls and tasks

To succeed with the introduction of welfare technology, municipalities need to focus on the new tasks and roles that arise. Easier said than done. How do you do it in practice?

Webinar: New rolls and tasks
Gunn Hilde Rotvold researches how municipalities implement welfare technology.
The senior level in the municipality must take local ownership of the processes for welfare technology and digital home follow-up.

What does it take for municipalities to integrate welfare technology into their health and care services? To find the answer, we conducted an in-depth study of governance, strategy and leadership.

Experiences from five Norwegian municipalities describe a comprehensive and complex implementation process. Coordination is an important keyword. We also need to strengthen managers' expertise, and they must have good ownership of the changes.

Presentation by PhD student Gunn Hilde Rotvold at the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research.


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