The right pill at the right time

Ding! It's time to take your medication.

In Halden municipality, the elderly can receive their tablets via a machine at home. This allows the home care service to focus on the interpersonal tasks.

Watch the webinar about the roll-out of electronic medicine dispensers and the process so far.

The right pill at the right time
Linda Matheson and Tone Merete Eriksen talk about autmatic medication dispensers in the home.
Changing a medicine roll is not a five-minute job, even if the roll takes five minutes to change. You have to sit down, look around, observe. You need to look the user in the eye and try to find out how it actually worked.

The aim is to place medicine dispensers in the homes of 100 elderly residents in Halden municipality by the summer. Elderly people often take many different pills a day, and the machine gives them the right pill at the right time. Experience shows that it works for most people.

Presentation by consultant and project manager Linda Anette Kokkim Matheson and healthcare worker Tone Merete Eriksen in Halden municipality.

In this webinar, Matheson talked about the rollout and how they assess residents' suitability to use a medicine dispenser. Eriksen presented the home care service's experiences so far and the changes in their working day.


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