E-health monitor 2017


Establishing a National e-Health Monitor will provide a basis for measuring e-health measures in Norway over time, with indicators comparable to other countries. Over time, the monitor will be an important contributor to increased information dissemination and new knowledge within the e-health area in Norway.

Principles and guidelines lay down that indicators should:

  • Holistic approach (digitalization in the health and care sector)
  • Relevant to the purpose (and stakeholders defined)
  • Consistent over time
  • Easy indicators
  • National, with international ambitions
  • Utility should be assessed against costs for obtaining data

NSE will contribute to the development of an indicator of information security by doing research work as must lead to a decision base for "Information Security". The basis for decision shall contain information about the stakeholder's recommendation for what are good indicators for the area, knowledge of what the sector is concerned with, confirm that the indicators are relevant and point to key data sources and contact persons for the indicator (s). International relevance is ensured through the use of contacts in international professional councils such as HIMSS, WHO, NeRN.


Contribute to the Directorate for E-Health in the process of developing and establishing a functioning "National e-Health Monitor" with associated indicators. NSE provides professional contributions related to selected indicators and international perspectives on these.


NSE will conduct a national survey on residents 'use of the Internet, e-mail, mobile or other ICT for health purposes in the autumn of 2017. This will be coordinated with other Nordic countries' surveys, anchored in the work of the Nordic e-Health Research Network (NeRN). Selected questions from the survey will be used in the national e-health monitor and as the basis for decision making for international, national and regional authorities.

Project manager

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  • Hege Andreassen, UiT


Health data

Project period

2017 - 2017

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2 May 2019