Health and Disease

Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes, are the leading causes of death in the world. The World Health Assembly has adopted a goal to reduce premature mortality from NCD’s by a third (33%) by 2030, relative to 2015 levels. Norway has endorsed this goal. In order to achieve this goal, we need knowledge about how the prevalence of important lifestyle factors changes in the Norwegian population.

The Health and Disease survey is Norway's first national public health survey that uses digital solutions to gather information on selected lifestyle factors from a random sample of people in all the 11 counties. The lifestyle factors we plan to collect annually are: Diet, physical activity, alcohol and tobacco use. The distribution of the selected lifestyle factors can also predict how mortality from cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes will develop in the Norwegian population in the future.

Health and Disease: News

The smartphone can prevent premature death

Smartphones can easily help reduce mortality among adults in Norway and most other countries.


Have you received a text message? We have embarked on a new, nationwide lifestyle study

Norway seeks to reduce premature mortality from non-communicable diseases among the general population by 33% by 2030. Data from a new study will enable the Norwegian national health service to monitor the development of these diseases, specifically cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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