Knowledge summary: AI Implementation in Healthcare


The use of artificial intelligence (AI) has been rapidly developed and adopted within many sectors of the healthcare industry. This can potentially provide huge benefits for patients, healthcare providers, and Norwegian society. However, without properly designed and implemented, the risks for patient safety, privacy and security, and equality can hinder the application of AI in healthcare. In health care, there is actually limited AI implementation so far, most have been done only development level. In this project, we will conduct research on the status of AI implementations around the world. The research will focus on how AI algorithms have been developed and implemented in healthcare applications. Issues related to data access, privacy, security, and risk for patients will also be examined.

Besides technical aspects, the project also looks into how a complete evaluation of an AI solution in health care can be developed. This includes an assessment of utility, feasibility costs, deployment challenges, clinical uptake, and maintenance over time. We will also present several case studies, where we will investigate the feasibility of implementing successful AI results in the Norwegian setting for main healthcare applications such as diabetes and multimorbidity care. In these case studies, successful solutions will be investigated and studied for their feasibility. Based on that, a framework for the implementation of AI in the Norwegian healthcare systems will be presented.