NORDeHEALTH – Nordic eHealth for Patients: Benchmarking and Developing for the Future


NORDeHEALTH aims to identify the challenges and opportunities in digitalization of health services, especially when national portals are implemented to give patients online access to their electronic health records (PAEHR) and increase self-management and transparency in healthcare. The goal is to enable further digitalization of the public health sector by providing concrete feedback to the national authorities in the respective countries, provide guidelines and frameworks for design, implementation and evaluation of personal eHealth services (PeHS).

NORDeHEALTH work packages
NORDeHEALTH work packages

NORDeHEALTH is an international project, led by Uppsala University in Sweden. Other partners in the project, in addition to Norwegian Centre for E-health Research are TalTech, University of Skövde, University of Karstad, University of Aalto, University of örebro and OpenNotes.

Norwegian Centre for E-health Research is responsible for WP 4a. Patient access to mental health notes. We also contribute to data collection and analysis in the other work packages.


The goal for work package 4a Patient access to mental health notes, led by E-health Research is to study the challenges and implications experienced by mental health care personnel in relation to PAEHR. This involves implications in the patient-provider relationship, documentation practice - including practices used by health professionals to hide information they consider damaging.

Further on, we will investigate mental health patients experiences with reading their patient journal, their views on information security and privacy and their wishes for further funcionalites.

We will look at these topics in relation to the varied functionalities in the EHR in Norway, Finland and Sweden. What are the benefits and challenges of EHR functionalities used in different countries, and what can be improved?


WP 4a Patient access to mental health notes will be investigated through:

  1. In-depth interviews with 5-10 healthcare professionals in mental health in Norway, Finland and Sweden.
  1. Survey to mental health patients in all countries of the project.