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List of projects
Project title Year Focus area Project management
Automatic transfer of blood glucose data from children with type 1 diabetes 2002 - 2004 Eirik Årsand
Alternative user-interfaces for health based services on mobile devices 2004 - 2005 Eirik Årsand
Automatic transfer of blood glucose data to health professionals 2004 - 2005 Eirik Årsand
Self help with mobile ICT tools 2005 - 2008 Eirik Årsand
Collocated Personal Diabetes Data (CPDD) 2009 - 2012 Eirik Årsand
Play and learn with Diabetes Friends 2013 - 2015 Eirik Årsand
iTrain - Long-Term Integrated Telerehabilitation of COPD Patients. A Multi-Center Randomized Controlled Trial 2014 - 2021 Innbyggertjenester
Paolo Zanaboni
Tailoring Type 2 Diabetes Self-Management 2014 - 2017 Citizen services
Eirik Årsand
Smartphones in Type-2 Diabetes Group Education Programs 2014 - 2016 Citizen services
Eirik Årsand
VictoryaHome 2013 - 2016 Citizen services
Continuous e-rehab - Use of telemedicine in rehabilitation of stroke patients 2011 - 2019 Services for health professionals
Paolo Zanaboni
ONWARDS - E-health interventions to promote physical activity among underserved populations: a Hybrid Type I effectiveness-implementation RCT 2018 - 2023 Innbyggertjenester
Paolo Zanaboni
A randomised, controlled trial for an Internet-based smoking cessation intervention 2008 - 2016 Citizen services
Inger Torhild Gram
WARIFA: Watching the risk factors: Artificial intelligence and the personalized prevention and management of chronic conditions 2021 - 2024 Citizen services
Health data
Conceição Granja Thomas Roger Schopf

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