EHiN Research 2019: For seasoned professionals and the new and curious

If you want to learn about the ins and outs in digital health, you should not miss the research track at EHiN. This year, the 17th Scandinavian Conference on Health Informatics takes place during EHiN.

Conceição Granja and Terje Solvoll are chairs of the scientific committee for the Scandinavian Conference on Health Informatics – SHI 2019. Photo: Lene Lundberg
Conceição Granja and Terje Solvoll are chairs of the scientific committee for the Scandinavian Conference on Health Informatics – SHI 2019. Photo: Lene Lundberg

The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research welcomes everybody to the opening of the 17th Scandinavian Conference on Health Informatics – SHI 2019.

«Everyone involved in the program committee have done a great job with evaluating the research papers. There were many great contributions. The research track at EHiN will be full of fresh knowledge about digitalisation in healthcare,» says senior researcher Terje Solvoll at the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research.

Together with colleague Conceição Granja, he is head of the scientific committee for SHI 2019 which is held during EHiN in Oslo on November 12-13. The event is approaching quickly and all persons involved are counting down the days.

«There are a massive amount of details that need to be taken care of. Luckily, we are many who work together to make this conference a success. I look forward to listening to both young and expert researchers from a variety of fields. This research is important for our future health,» says Granja.

Here are some of the topics and speakers.

User-centered design and self-reported data

User-centered design is an approach where designers identify user needs and involve them in each phase of the process. User-centered design is an important element for self-reported data in healthcare. Self-reported data can be collected through a survey or from different patient sources. Here, user-centered design can be applied to report data correctly.

Phuong Ngo

Phuong Ngo is a researcher at the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research. He was a Vietnam Education Foundation fellow and a PhD graduate in Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University, USA. During his postdoc he developed smart algorithms for controlling blood glucose in patients with type-1 diabetes. His research interests are machine learning, intelligent systems, control theory and their applications in medicine.

Lena Kühn

Lena Kühn is an industrial PhD fellow at the IT University of Copenhagen, in collaboration with the digital health service provider Daman. She explores how affective design can improve health outcomes for patients with chronic illnesses. The aim is to help people cope and improve their quality of life. Her master’s thesis dealt with the topic of mindful design of interactive systems with a focus on the smartphone.

Patient-centered services

Patient-centered services entails customizing care according to patient preferences along all dimensions. This includes involving the patient in decision-making. Some patients want to take part in care decisions, while others may be less active. Patients need to be informed and involved for optimal care. Clinicians give information and advice based on their medical expertise in treatment.

Jan Muzik

Jan Muzik is head of Medical software research group at Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Czech Technical University. He has been recognized as an expert in medical informatics and is currently supervisor of several PhD students. Muzik has many years of experience in design and use of software for healthcare and biomedical engineering.

E-health and organization

Margunn Aanestad

Margunn Aanestad is Professor of Information Systems at the University of Agder and at the University of Oslo. Working with a cross-disciplinary, sociotechnical perspective she has researched digitalization processes in the health sector over two decades, including EPR systems, ICT-supported inter-organizational collaboration, patient-oriented solutions (including remote, home-based care models) and personalized medicine.

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