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2022 06 ClinCode - Computer-Assisted Clinical ICD-10 Coding for improving efficiency and quality in healthcare Hercules Dalianis, Taridzo Chomutare, Andrius Budrionis, Therese Svenning A1
2022 05 Kan velferdsteknologi bidra til selvstendighet og sosial deltakelse for barn og unge med kognitive funksjonsnedsettelser i overgangsfasen fra barn til ungdom? Undine Knarvik A3
2022 04 Diverse recruitment strategies are needed to reduce digital divide: results from a workshop addressing digital divide and effects of pandemic restrictions Meghan Bradway, Eirik Årsand 90x120 cm
2022 03 Telemedicine for diabetes in Norway Dillys Larbi, Henriette Lauvhaug Nybakke, Karianne Lind, Eirin Rødseth, Elia Gabarron 90x120 cm
2022 02 Electronic Medicines Management (eMM) in Norway - A comparative case study Kari Dyb, Line Lundvoll Warth 67,5x120 cm (16:9)
2022 01 Lifestyle changes from online information among people with diabetes – the human factor still counts Eirik Årsand 67,5x120 cm (16:9)
2020 07 How to choose among the many diabetes apps and online resources? Dillys Larbi, Konstantinos Antypas, Meghan Bradway, Pietro Randine, Elia Gabarron, Eirik Årsand 90x120 cm
2020 06 Engagement in Diabetes Health Education Content on Facebook Elia Gabarron, Eirik Årsand 90x120 cm
2020 05 Lessons learned from using a remote study-management platform: use in an mHealth diabetes study Meghan Bradway, Pietro Randine, Eirik Årsand 90x120 cm
2020 04 Intervention studies need to adapt to better address patient needs for diabetes self-management Meghan Bradway, Dillys Larbi, Pietro Randine, Konstantinos Antypas, Elia Gabarron, Eirik Årsand 90x120 cm
2020 03 Healthcare Personnell’s Expectations of a System for Sharing and Using Patient-Gathered Data Eirik Årsand, Meghan Bradway 90x120 cm
2020 02 Toward a Personalized Decision Support System for Blood Glucose Management During and After Physical Activities in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Phuong Dinh Ngo, Eirik Årsand, Fred Godtliebsen 90x120 cm
2020 01 Transforming a Furby toy into a multi-modal companion for children with type 1 diabetes Pietro Randine, Miroslav Muzny, Eirik Årsand 90x120 cm
2019 06 The Relationship between Anxiety/Depression, Electronic Health, and Doctor Visiting Decisions among People with Diabetes Eirik Årsand 70x100 cm
2019 05 Development of an ICT solution to obtain annual, national, representative health indicator data for non-communicable diseases – a pilot study Inger Torhild Gram, Eirik Årsand 70x100 cm
2019 03 Do Positivist Assumptions Hold True In Complex Interventions? 67,5x120 cm (16:9)
2019 02 Assessing HTA on Large-scale E-health Processes –Introducing the Need for Action Research Gro-Hilde Severinsen, Line Silsand 67,5x120 cm (16:9)
2019 01 Forutsetninger for avansert klinisk beslutningsstøtte i norsk helsevesen Line Silsand 90x120 cm
2018 15 Nevus doctor - Clinical decision support for primary care physicians Thomas Roger Schopf A0
2018 14 Negation detection in Norwegian medical text: Porting a Swedish NegEx to Norwegian Work in progress Andrius Budrionis, Hercules Dalianis, Kassaye Yitbarek Yigzaw, Alexandra Makhlysheva, Taridzo Chomutare A0
2018 13 Improving Study Management Services for Mhealth Interventions – a Dynamic Concept for More Efficient Trials Meghan Bradway, Eirik Årsand A0
2018 12 Establishing an Evidence Based Knowledge Platform for Norwegian Healthcare Line Silsand, Rune Pedersen, Gro-Hilde Severinsen A0
2018 11 Participatory approach and social media to promote healthy lifestyles on diabetes Elia Gabarron, Eirik Årsand 70x100 cm
2018 10 Evaluating eHealth interventions Konstantinos Antypas A2
2018 09 Diabetes social media users’ preferences for a health promotion intervention Elia Gabarron, Eirik Årsand 70x100 cm
2018 08 Governance and Leadership in Electronic Health Record Implementation: A Knowledge Summary Line Helen Linstad 70x100 cm
2018 07 Patient Centered Healthcare Teams Elin Breivik, Trine Strand Bergmo A2
2018 06 Stepwise Treatment Concept Proposed for an mHealth Enabled Diabetes Intervention Meghan Bradway, Eirik Årsand 67,5x120 cm (16:9)
2018 05 Utilizing the New Generation of Wearable Devices in a Combined Diabetes Diary Application Eirik Årsand 67,5x120 cm (16:9)
2018 04 The Necessity Of Using Mixed Methods For Assessment Of mHealth Interventions: Application In The “Full Flow Of Data-sharing” Project Meghan Bradway, Eirik Årsand 67,5x120 cm (16:9)
2018 03 Experience From Using a Dynamic Study Management Service for an M-health Diabetes Type 2 RCT Eirik Årsand, Meghan Bradway 67,5x120 cm (16:9)
2018 02 A FHIR-Based Data Flow Enabling Patients with Diabetes to Share Self-collected Data with the Norwegian National Healthcare Systems and Electronic Health Records Systems Meghan Bradway, Eirik Årsand 67,5x120 cm (16:9)
2018 01 Design Better Together: Co-design Workshop Protocol To Develop An M-Diabetes Data Sharing System Between Patients And Clinicians Meghan Bradway, Eirik Årsand 67,5x120 cm (16:9)
2017 19 2nd Arctic Conference on OpenEHR and Archetype-based clinical Information Systems Luis Marco Ruiz A4
2017 18 Value-based Governance of E-health In National and Regional Contexts Line Helen Linstad 70x100 cm
2017 17 OPTimized eHealth for Individuals with Multi-morbidity And Long-term needs – OPTIMAL Gro Berntsen A0
2017 16 Healthcare representatives tweeting about #diabetes: Follow the leaders! Elia Gabarron, Eirik Årsand A1
2017 15 The Use of an Acceptance Test for Accessing an Electronic Information System Line Lundvoll Warth, Kari Dyb A1
2017 14 Challenges in archetypes terminology binding using SNOMED-CT compositional grammar: the Norwegian patient summary case Luis Marco Ruiz, Rune Pedersen A0
2019 04 Preconditions for Enabling Advanced Patient Centered Decision Support on a National Knowledge Information Infrastructure Line Silsand, Gro-Hilde Severinsen, Rune Pedersen, Gunnar Ellingsen A0
2017 13 Developing HTA designs for e-health: a systematic review of reviews 70x100 cm
2017 12 Patient Centered Healthcare Teams Trine Strand Bergmo A2
2017 01 A Review of Mobile Applications in General Practice: Forming a Questionnaire to Explore Clinician Needs Meghan Bradway, Eirik Årsand 67,5x120 cm (16:9)
2017 02 Need for Differentiating Presentation of Patient-gathered Data Between Type 1 and 2 Diabetes During Consultations Meghan Bradway, Eirik Årsand 67,5x120 cm (16:9)
2017 03 The need for updated evaluation approaches for e-health and m-health interventions - a dynamic concept for more efficient trials Eirik Årsand, Meghan Bradway 67,5x120 cm (16:9)
2017 04 Evaluating the role of m-health interventions in patient empowerment Meghan Bradway, Eirik Årsand 67,5x120 cm (16:9)
2017 05 eHealth services for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry A3
2017 11 E-resept og kjernejournal som første steg på vei mot Helseplattformen Kari Dyb, Line Lundvoll Warth A0
2017 10 Mulighetsvindu for bruk av ontologibaserte terminologier i EIEJ og Helseplattformen Kristian Malm-Nicolaisen, Rune Pedersen, Johan Gustav Bellika, Luis Marco Ruiz, Per Atle Bakkevoll A0
2017 09 Effektmål for implementeringen av Helseplattformen, en pre-post studie Rune Pedersen, Kristian Malm-Nicolaisen, Gunn Hilde Rotvold, Eli Kristiansen, Johan Gustav Bellika A0
2017 08 Styring av nasjonale e-helseprosjekt – betingelser, beslutninger og prioriteringer av tiltak Line Helen Linstad A0
2017 07 Etablering av teknologisk plattform for benchmarking av effektmål Anne Torill Nordsletta, Johan Gustav Bellika, Rune Pedersen A0
2017 06 Hvordan kan kliniske beslutningsstøttesystem støtte helhetlige pasientforløp Line Silsand, Gro-Hilde Severinsen, Rune Pedersen, Gunnar Ellingsen A0