Meet our scientists

We really like our researchers. Every day, they work hard to create new knowledge about e-health. Through these short videos, they introduce you to some of the exciting stuff they do.

Elia Gabarron. Photo: Lene Lundberg
Elia Gabarron. Photo: Lene Lundberg

The research prosess is often long and hard. A study may take many years to complete. But our colleagues do it because they are curious, and want to find out what works, and what doesn’t.

Since research is a slow reveal, it is important that the researchers sometimes «pop up», to meet the rest of the world. That led us to produce some short films called «Pop Up Scientist» to spread the knowledge.

The first film is with Elia Gabarron. She is a researcher at our centre and is interested in how social media can be used, to spread health info and empower patients.

Pop Up Scientist: Elia Gabarron