DIY for patients

DIY - Do It Yourself. This is exactly what some patients do, when they are not happy with existing tools or health services.

Eirik Årsand. Photo: Lene Lundberg
Eirik Årsand. Photo: Lene Lundberg

If you do a search with the phrases "we are not waiting" or "nightscout" on the internet, you will find a social community of innovative people.

They are not pleased with the tools or health services that exist, and create, re-invent and improve hardware and software. It is not only patients with diabetes that have started DIY-projects. They all use social media to interact and get information on the latest development.

Our "Pop Up Scientist" this time is professor Eirik Årsand. Check out the video below.

Postet 03.12.2018  av Lene Lundberg

Read all about Eirik's research, here:

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