Helseplattformen – one year later

Helseplattformen has endless possibilities but not everything is perfect yet.

We took at look at how medication management has changed during the last year at St. Olav's hospital.

Webinar: Helseplattformen – one year later
Janne Sund and Elizabeth Aa share experiences with Helseplattformen and medication management at St. Olav's hospital.
Helseplattformen entails a 100 per cent transition from paper to an electronic system, which also means almost 100 per cent closure of the pharmaceutical loop. There are some challenges that prevent 100% closure of the pharmaceutical loop. And maybe it's not necessary either? Maybe some medicines need closing more than others?

First and foremost, how do you manage pharmaceuticals in Helseplattformen? We examine what functions are available, what benefits you want to achieve and the prerequisites for success.

Decision support is an important tool in Helseplattformen. What is useful and realistic to achieve? Which medicines should have alerts about maximum doses, and for whom?

One of the goals of Helseplattformen is to reduce the number of drug-related patient injuries by 80 per cent. Closing the medication loop is central to achieving this. After one year with Helseplattformen, we can share practical experiences with scanning, dispensing and documentation.

Presentation by pharmacist Elizabeth Aa at St. Olav's hospital and Janne Kutschera Sund, director medications at Helseplattformen.


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